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Starting a dog training business can come at a pretty low cost especially if you’ve decided to start off by doing house visits and training at the dog’s own home. 

However if you’ve decided to open up a training school where the dog will come to you then there are a few things you need to consider before deciding on the location where you’ll set up shop, as this is key when it comes to attracting clients and will impact how busy your business has the potential to be. 

Here are a few tips that you should consider when choosing a location: 

  • Think about the type of training you’re going to be offering. For example, if you’re offering agility training then is this an indoor activity or are you going to require an outdoor space? or both? 
  • Consider the surrounding area. The best place to open a training facility is in an urban area as most people that have dogs in a built up area will most likely need their dogs to be well behaved. You can’t walk a dog around a public street when they are pulling or reactive to people and other dogs. 
  • Ensure that your space has quiet areas. If you’re working with dogs that might be prone to high levels of anxiety or that find the process particularly stressful, make sure you’re able to provide areas where they can retreat to and calm down.
  • Consider the cost of your premises and how this will affect your break even point. If you need to increase the price of your service to cover rent and utilities, you may run the risk of overpricing and discouraging customers from choosing your services.

If you’ve decided that a physical premises is the direction you want to take, then begin making enquiries in your local area for spaces that are registered for commercial use.