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Regardless of how much training you’ve done as a trainer or how much experience you have, you are working with animals which means a certain amount of unpredictability. 

In order to protect yourself, the pets in your care, and the pet parents you deal with against any unfortunate circumstance, you need to take out insurance for your training business.. 

There are the different types of insurance that you’ll need as a dog trainer, which are: 

  • Public Liability Insurance – This covers your legal liabilities to third party claims. 
  • Professional Indemnity Insurance – This protects your business against client claims for loss or damage. 
  • Animal illness cover – This will cover you if a dog falls ill or has an accident whilst in your care. 
  • Employers liability insurance – If you hire an employee, you must have this kind of insurance in case an accident or injury were to occur whilst on the job. Even if you have an unpaid volunteer helping you, you still legally have to have this insurance. 

Shop around and compare deals on these insurances to make sure you’re getting a fair price for your premium. You can either go directly to an insurance provider to get a quote or take a look at comparison sites.