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Regardless of how much training you’ve done as a trainer or how much experience you have, you are working with animals which means a certain amount of unpredictability. 

In order to protect yourself, the pets in your care, and the pet parents you deal with against any unfortunate circumstance, you need to take out insurance for your training business.

Most dog trainers in the US start by purchasing the Business Owner’s Policy insurance, which includes:  

  • General liability Insurance – This covers claims that your business caused injury or damage to someone’s property. 
  • Commercial property insurance – If your business has its own premises, this will help protect the space and the items within it.   
  • Business income insurance – This will help your business recover lost income in the event of covered property damage such as theft or natural disasters. 

And then there are different types of insurance that you’ll need to cover the specific risks you face as a dog trainer: 

  • Data breach insurance – This will help you cover the costs incurred in the event of a hacking or breach of confidential information. 
  • Animal bailee insurance – If a dog is injured or lost while in your care, this will help cover the veterinary bills, and even the advertising and reward costs of finding the lost dog. 
  • Pet damage insurance – This will help cover the costs if a dog damages your property. 
  • Workers’ compensation insurance – if you’re hiring other people, this will help cover treatment costs if they suffer a work-related injury. It can also cover lost wages that the employee may incur while recovering from the injury. 
  • Commercial auto insurance – if you’re planning to drive to your clients’ houses, this will help cover the costs of car accidents that you and your employees may run into. 

Shop around and compare deals on these insurances to make sure you’re getting a fair price for your premium. You can either go directly to an insurance provider to get a quote or take a look at comparison sites.