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Depending on your chosen boarding business model, you’ll need to invest in varying levels of equipment and supplies. 

If you’re offering a service where you visit someone else’s home, then more often than not everything you need will be supplied for you by the pet parent.

If pets are coming to stay with you, here are some suggestions on what equipment and supplies you’ll need to take care of them: 

  • A washing station: Playtime can get messy, so make sure you have somewhere to wash dogs down if they get muddy or roll in something they shouldn’t.
  • A fridge/freezer: You may on occasion be required to store medications for pets in your care, or some may have special diets that require their food to be chilled or frozen. 
  • Sleeping crates: As well as helping you keep control of the dogs in your care overnight, sleeping crates offer dogs a safe space that’s just for them. Make sure you have a crate for every dog in your care and that you have bedding and blankets to keep them warm and comfortable. 
  • A washing machine: Bedding, blankets and even toys will need to be washed and cleaned between stays.
  • An air purifier: Having a lot of dogs in one space for a long period of time, things can get a little smelly. An air purifier will help keep your kennels smelling fresh and hygienic. 
  • A vehicle: If you intend to travel to the pet’s home to take care of them, you’ll need to invest in a reliable vehicle.
  • Cleaning products: Think about what supplies are necessary to keep your boarding spaces clean and tidy. A sweeping brush, mop and bucket, sanitiser, surface cleaner, window cleaner, cloths, etc. 
  • Dog toys: You’ll need a variety of toys to keep your furry friends stimulated and well exercised. 
  • Food and water bowls: These are essential for feeding time and to keep pets well hydrated. 
  • Poo bags: Walking and exercising the dogs in your care is part of the job description, and so is cleaning up after them. 

Money can be tight when you’re first starting out, but it’s worth investing in high quality (and of course, pet friendly) products and equipment that will give you longevity as a petpreneur and allow you to carry out a high-quality service that will keep customers returning time and time again.