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As a boarder, it’s extremely important you take out the relevant insurances to not only protect your business but also to protect yourself. 

Below we’ve given you a list of business insurances that you need to consider: 

  • General Liability Insurance – This will cover damages or injuries that a client may suffer while at your facility, such as a slip, fall, or a dog bite. 
  • Professional Liability Insurance – This will cover you against any claims made by clients for loss or damage due to negligent advice or services.
  • Public Liability Insurance – This will cover any damage or injuries to the general public while at your premises or if a dog in your care damages the property of a third party. 
  • Commercial Property Insurance – if you’re running a kennel boarding service, this will cover the costs if your property is damaged or destroyed. 
  • Animal Bailee Insurance – This will cover you if a dog falls ill, gets hurt, or passes away whilst in your care. 
  • Tools and Equipment Insurance – This will cover the repair or replacement of crates, kennels, computers and other equipment needed to run your business. 
  • Workers Compensation Insurance – This will cover the costs if an employee gets bitten or sustains other work-related injuries. 

With many insurers you’ll be able to find plans that cover all or most of the above in one premium. 

For instance, you may want to consider getting a Business Owner’s Policy (BOP), which is a combination of general liability and commercial property insurances. It is a more comprehensive package with a lower cost than purchasing each insurance separately. 

There are plenty of insurance companies to choose from in the US market. We recommend conducting a simple search for ‘Dog boarding insurance’ or for each of the stated insurance types above. You can use insurance comparisons sites to help you compare prices and to help you get the best deal.