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  1. The earning potential is high: With the majority of households having at least one pet, animals are treated as part of the family. Pet parents spend on average $730 on their pets each year in the US. When you consider there are estimated to be 86.9 million homes that own a pet, that quickly adds up to a multi-billion dollar market. Pet parents are willing to spend their hard-earned cash to make sure their fur babies have the best life.
  2. You don’t have to deal with people: For many petprenuers, starting a pet business is a route to working without people. Whether you simply don’t like dealing with humans, or find this is something you struggle with for whatever reason, the benefit of running your own pet business is that it’s strictly about pets over people. Sure you’ll have to deal with owners during pick up and drop off times, but the majority of your working day will be spent basking in the company of animals.
  3. You become part of the family: Whether a pet parent has to travel to a work premises or they have a job where they can work from home – a lot of them rely on services such as walking, grooming, boarding, sitting and training. Over time, both the pet parents and their pets will come to see you as a valued member of their family thanks to the strong bonds you’ll build with their pets. 
  4. You’ll be joining a supportive community: As a petpreneur you also become part of an incredible community of like-minded and passionate pet business owners. You’ve already taken the first step to becoming a valued member of this community by signing up to the Book Your Pet membership (and we’re so glad to have you here!)  
  5. No two days will ever be the same: Do you find yourself unsatisfied with the same work routine day in and day out? Well, if this is the case then working in the pet industry is definitely the right choice for you. Even if you have the same clients each month, every time you see a particular canine client their mood or behaviors can vary. Our pets are full of personality and no two are the same, so you can be guaranteed a fun and varied work life.
  6. Choose your own working hours: When starting a business, business owners tend to focus on the amount of money they want to make but what about the gift of time? Having your own business means you can set your own work schedule without having to ask for permission.
  7. Enjoy the outdoors: Many pet business models allow you a great deal of freedom to roam and explore outdoors. If you’re someone who struggles with being chained to a desk all day, or stuck inside the office, professions like walking and training give you an opportunity to spend more time in nature and bask in the great outdoors.