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Pet Sitter Course for Sitters and Walkers

The course offers online certification for pet sitters, teaching them the real-world details of how to offer safe, reliable pet care in the client’s home. The course will teach you the hundreds of policies and procedures every professional pet sitter needs to know to keep themselves and the pets in their care safe. The resources and training offered were developed to work within every pet sitting company to help you grow the pet business you’ve always dreamed of.

National Association of Pet Sitters

The National Association of Pet Sitters (NAPPS) Certification Course is a broad-range and in-depth self-paced course covering all topics relevant to pet sitting, including pet care, health, nutrition and behavior for dogs and a variety of other animals. It also includes business development and management, pet safety and a complete pet first aid course. The NAPPS Certification acknowledges that the pet sitter is a serious professional who has obtained a high level of expertise through his/her study. 

Pet Sitters International

Since 1994, Pet Sitters International has been the leading educational association for professional pet sitters, with the mission of “pet-sitting excellence through education.” PSI’s CPPS-Certified Professional Pet Sitter® Exam provides candidates with the only knowledge-based assessment designed specifically for professional pet sitters. PSI’s exam requires that candidates demonstrate the knowledge and skills necessary to succeed and prosper as professional pet sitters.

Fear Free Pets

This course is designed to equip pet sitters with a scientifically sound knowledge base in animal body language, dog walking, behavior and training basics, enrichment, home life, travel, administering medications, and more so that they can offer top-level Fear Free care to pets and provide owners with basic support and advice. The certified pet sitter will be empowered to help educate pet owners on reading dog and cat body language and provide ideas for how enrichment and training can be incorporated into the pet’s environment and routine, promoting not only a calmer pet-sitting stay but also a richer, more fulfilling life.