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Unleashed Pet Photography

These pet photography courses are designed to improve your pet photography skills through kind and constructive feedback, giving photographers the best chance to improve and refine their craft. 

Whether it’s in-person at a workshop or event, or online via group or individual training, the instructors are completely upfront and direct about what works and what doesn’t work, offering plenty of advice on how to fix any issues and improve in the future.

Hair of the Dog

Whether you are just starting out in the pet photography industry, looking to start a professional pet photography business, or already in business but struggling to maintain a steady stream of qualified clients actually filling up your photography calendar – the Academy has plenty of resources to help you out! It can teach you how to capture engaging images, finalize those images with post-processing, start your business, price and sell your work, market your services and more. 


This short masterclass on Udemy will teach you how to take amazing photos of your pet, the most important rules in photography in general, and pet photography in particular. You will also discover fundamental tips and tricks on how to really shoot sharp images, the tips and tricks on how to take better pictures using your cell phone camera, how to set up your own photo studio in your living room and what equipment you will need.

That Tog Spot

You will have the opportunity to practice outdoor canine portrait photography in a live location, capturing “the shot” and being able to transform that shot with creative photoshop tools and conscious editing decisions. The course is taught by Jessica McGovern, an international multi-award-winning photographer. This course is a step-by-step guide to creating the style of work that she was known for in 2020.