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Animal Behavior College 

The Animal Behavior College (ABC) provides access to the best pet grooming training online. You’ll also have the chance to get lots of hands-on experience during your externship, which pairs you up with a local mentor groomer. ABC students get the ideal combination of online learning and real-world practice. The curriculum also teaches you how to safely groom both dogs and cats while maintaining a calm, relaxing environment.

Diamond Cut Dog Grooming School

Run by a licensed professional, this Ohio-based school offers a two week grooming program. They have also incorporated bathing and brushing into the grooming course, rather than offering it as separate programs. The program focuses on providing a hands-on learning experience. Students can complete the 80 hour course by scheduling their class on week days or days in which they are able to attend, allowing you to fit it around your schedule.

Happy Paws Unleashed 

Happy Paws Unleashed (HPU) Grooming Academy is one of the only licensed pet grooming trade schools in New England. The academy provides the knowledge and skills necessary to move forward into a successful career as a professional pet groomer. You’ll be required to complete 650 hours of hands-on training in a professional salon setting. You will also be provided with one-on-one instruction and encouragement every step of the way by the co-owner and grooming instructor, Suzanne Dell. 

Unleashed Pet Grooming School

Located in Oklahoma City, the school is run by highly experienced staff with over 15 years of experience between them. All instructors are certified in pet safety and CPR, and prepared for any situation. They take great pride in teaching students the techniques required in becoming a professional pet groomer.

Midwest School of Pet Grooming

The school prides itself on providing programs that are 95% – 99% hands-on, meaning you will be in the tubs with a dog on your first day, along with the instructors. It’s a small school that takes in six students at a time between two instructors. The students are given all the one-on-one instruction they need to gain the skill and confidence needed to become a professional pet groomer.

Friend and Companion Pet Grooming and Teaching Academy

The Friend and Companion Pet Grooming and Teaching Academy has been teaching pet grooming for over 35 years. It offers affordable tuition, evening courses, and small class sizes. You will be awarded a Basic Grooming Certificate after completion. 

American School of Dog Grooming

The American School of Dog Grooming offers a “hands-on” learning experience from the first day of training. There is only one student starting at a time, so that every student is at a different level. This permits the instructors to instruct each student at his or her own pace and provides special attention to particular problems encountered by each student.