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Choosing a location for your business can be a pretty stressful task. However as a dog boarder, there are a few things you need to consider before deciding on your location. 

As part of your business model you should have already decided whether you’ll be operating a service that requires pet parents to come to you, or if you’ll go to them. 

If pet parents will be coming to you, you can either operate from your own home, or look for a dedicated business premises. When looking for your location, consider the radius of the area you want to offer your services to. If pet parents are expected to come to you, you’ll want to choose something that’s central to where there’s most demand.

You also need to ensure that the premises are in a safe and secure location. Pet parents will feel better leaving their pets for extended stays in areas where there are low levels of crime. You can see crime reports for your area here.

When choosing your location you’ll also need to take into consideration how many pets you expect to look after at any one time. If you’re planning on just one or two pets at a time, this can be done as a home operation. If you’re considering larger groups, then you may need a specialist site.

Either way you’ll need to make sure your location offers enough space to give your furry clients somewhere safe to sleep (preferably a quiet spot where they can be alone), as well as indoor and outdoor play areas, and dedicated feeding areas (having the option to feed dogs individually is also beneficial for any clients that might express territorial behavior at feeding time).