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When it comes to pricing your services, remember the research you conducted at the start of your journey. 

Take into consideration what your competitors are offering, as well as what your potential clients are willing to pay, and find a balance between the two that will be competitive and affordable, but that will also help you turn a profit. 

As a boarder your prices are most likely to vary depending on the length of the service provided. You might want to consider using set fees for set lengths of stay. For example, you might operate using set prices for 1 night, 2 nights, 1 week or 2 weeks. 

For longer stays, you might consider including a slight discount to show value to your customers. For example, if your nightly fee is £100, instead of charging £700 for a week, you might offer a 7 day package for £600 (which you can then promote as getting one night for free!).

You’ll also need to consider variable factors that will affect the type of service you provide throughout the stay. Things to consider that might affect your quotes could include: 

  • Activity Levels  – Younger dogs, larger pets or more energetic breeds that need more regular walks and playtime might be charged at a higher rate than smaller dogs, or older dogs that don’t have as much energy to burn. 
  • Health – If a dog has health requirements that mean they might require more dedicated one-to-one care (such as administering medication regularly) at a boarding facility, you may need to charge extra to ensure you can provide a dedicated staff member for this pet. 
  • Travel Time – If you’re a home boarder you might need to include the cost of your travel in your pricing. The further you travel, the more you might add to your quote to cover the cost of your transportation.

With the Book Your Pet business software you can set dynamic pricing to make sure you’re covering all bases with your prices.

Make sure you calculate your expenses as this will also need to be considered when pricing your services to make sure you earn a profit.

Check out our How to Price Your Services guide where we provide a more in depth look into how you should be pricing your services.