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Before you finalise your business name, it’s crucial that you check its availability. You need to make sure the name isn’t already trademarked or being used by another business to protect yourself against any legal claims and prevent you from having to change it down the line. You can check availability using online resources like the government’s trademark search tools and companies register: 

Check out trademarks in the UK

Check out companies register in the UK 

Check out trademarks in the US

Check out companies register in the US

You also need to ensure that you check social media platforms to ensure an appropriate handle is available. Shop around to ensure that a website domain can be purchased if you’re considering launching a website (though Book Your Pet’s business software means you don’t need a website thanks to its personalised business profiles). If you are considering launching a website, make sure the demain you buy isn’t overly complicated, and that it doesn’t feature too many confusing symbols such as hyphens (-) and dots (.) that break up the URL address too much.