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Once you’ve completed your market research and decided on what makes you stand out from your competitors, you need to choose how you’re going to structure your prices for your services. 

Hint: It will need to align with your goals and values.

Pricing structures can include charging hourly rates or project based rates. For example, if you’re a trainer you could set an hourly fee of $40 and people can book as many of these as they’d like. But you could also offer a package, which includes a slight discount for booking in bulk. If the client can get 10 sessions for $350 (which you can market as their 10th hour being free!) then not only is their added benefit to do this, but since they’ll have paid up front they’re more likely to return and make use of the full scope of service as opposed to attending a handful of sessions and then dropping off. Other pricing structures to consider are value based pricing which is where business owners base their prices on how much the customer believes a service is worth, or tiered pricing which is where you would offer a variety of prices each based on different features, benefits and services. With the Book Your Pet business software, you can tailor your pricing depending on your services, products, and the types of clients you cater to. For example, if you’re a groomer, you can offer various packages from just nail clipping through to a full haircut, wash, and pamper. Within each of these packages you can also vary your prices depending on factors such as the size of the dog and the length of their coats.