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When you’re first starting out, it’s important to develop a targeted and effective marketing strategy to help get your name out into the community.  You should consider advertising on your social media platforms, your very own website, or you can attend events specific to your niche and even hand out flyers and leaflets. 

The Book Your Pet business software has been designed to help new petpreneurs market their businesses with ease. As a petpreneur on our software you’ll have to agree to our Positive Pet Care Guarantee which ensures ethical and compliant practice. As a thank you for signing up to this you’ll be highlighted as a Verified pet business, which will automatically demonstrate to pet parents that you are a trustworthy and reliable service provider. 

As well as this, the Book Your Pet software will also provide you with a bespoke booking profile that can be completely customized to show off all of the services and products you offer. Pet parents can access your booking profile (which acts in the same way as a website) and book directly with your business in seconds.

Word of mouth marketing can also be a powerful tool. You should also ask for referrals from your friends and family whose dogs you might have groomed while training, as well as your current clients.