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When it comes to pricing your services, remember the research you conducted at the start of your journey. 

Take into consideration what your competitors are offering, as well as what your potential clients are willing to pay, and find a balance between the two that will be competitive and affordable, but that will also help you turn a profit. 

As a groomer your prices might vary depending on the size of dog, breed of dog, and the length of their coats. You might choose to bundle services, or offer individual pricing per particular actions (i.e. nail clipping, washing, clipping). With the Book Your Pet business software you can set dynamic pricing to make sure you’re covering all bases with your prices.

Make sure you calculate your expenses as this will also need to be considered when pricing your services to make sure you earn a profit.

Check out our How to Price Your Services guide where we provide a more in depth look into how you should be pricing your services.